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Kalkaska County, Michigan

 Blue Lake Township Hall    10599 Twin Lake Rd NE    Mancelona, MI 49659   (231) 587-8354    Fx (231) 587-4066   www.bluelaketwpkalkaska.org

 Township Hall Snow Removal


Specifications for Bid



Remove snow from the parking lot and grounds of the Blue Lake Township Hall before the start of business at 9:00 am.  Snow should be removed when 2 inches or more are on the ground, but no more than once per day is needed (for exception see item 5). Because of the limited area for piling the snow as well as the shed and fire hydrant location on the east end of the parking lot, it is recommended that the snow be blown from the parking lot into the wooded area north and east of the lot. Past experience has shown that plowed snow piles up onto the parking area over the winter. If the lot is plowed, pile ups must be removed when loss of parking exceeds 20% and in no instance shall snow block the Fire Departments access to the hydrant.

Duties to include:

  1. Remove snow from the Parking lot located East of the Township hall.  Moving snow to the East and North woods of the property.  Paved area must remain clear of snow.  The east end will be plowed so that it remains open for fire truck usage, this would include an area to reach and exit the shed area and in front of the shed.  Access to the shed door and fire hydrant must be maintained.  Snow may be piled on the north and east sides of the parking lot.  Limit the snow pile next to the private property at the North side of the Township Hall parking lot.  (The melting snow runs into their yard.) Icy areas need to be sanded in the parking area.The township provides sand.
  2. Maintain continuous access to Twin Lake Rd for the entire length of the Parking lot.
  3. Remove snow from the front of the Township Hall (south side between hall building and Twin Lake Road).  Snow can be pushed onto the front lawn without blocking the Flag Pole.  However, the lawn does contain water wellhead, in ground sprinkler system and other obstacles.
  4. Remove snow from around the main doors at side of the building.  Also remove snow from walkway and entryway. Salt the entry way and side walk. The Township provides salt.
  5. The parking lot must be clear for the Township Board meeting held on the evening of the first Wednesday of each month and for each election.


  1. Removal of snow from in front of the mail boxes located on Sunset Trail (across Sunset Trail at the north end of the property).
  2.  Remove snow from around the free-standing generator located behind the Township Hall. 


Contractor may bid on a one (1), two (2), or three (3) year contract starting October 1, 2018 through the end of the snow season of the appropriate year.


For each year of the contract payment will be made in 6 equal monthly installments (readjusted annually for multi-year contracts) starting in November.  A monthly bill must be provided to the Township Clerk for payment.


The contractor shall obtain all licenses and permits.  The contractor shall furnish documentation to the township and at all times during the contract maintain in full force and effect, Employers Liability, Workman’s Compensation, Public Liability and Property Damage Insurance. 

No assignment of the contract or any right accruing under this contract shall be made in whole or part by the contractor without the express written consent of the township.

Per Michigan Public act 517 of 2012 the contractor must certify that it is not an Iran linked business.  Certification (written statement dated and signed by contractor) to be submitted with the bid.


All bids will be opened at the Township Board’s November 7, 2018 regularly scheduled meeting held at 7:00 PM at the Township Hall.

The Blue Lake Township Clerk must receive bids by 4:00 pm November 6, 2018.  Mark bids “Snow Removal – Township Hall” 

The Board reserves the right to reject any or all bids or select the bid deemed to be in the best interest of the Township.

Please address all correspondence on this issue to the Supervisor at the above address. These bid specs are available on line at www.bluelaketwpkalkaska.com