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Fire and Rescue

The Blue Lake Fire Station is located at 7534 Blue Lake Rd - Kalkaska, Mi 49646 just north of Blue Lake.

Blue Lake Twp Fire Department meets every Monday evening at 7pm for Training on all types of Fire & Medical responses. 

BURN PERMITS- click on the link below to see if burn permits are issued for the day and time you would like to burn. 


Blue Lake Twp FD would like to welcome our newest members to the Department;

Samantha Hill


Fire Chiefs report For April 2020

Blue Lake Township Fire Department is prepared to handle any and all Emergency During the Stay at Home Stay Safe order. Your First responders may look a little different as we enter your home on an medical emergency but this is to protect everyone during these abnormal times.


Blue Lake Township run percentages for April

60% of calls responded to where for medical assistance

40%  where Fire related responses.

3 Mutual aid assist to Cold Springs/ Excelsior Twp FD for house fires- Great job by all departments involved in these house fires. All three fires resulted in great stops by the Fire Departments with  no injuries to home owners or Fire personnel.

1 medical call in Blue Lake Twp was  a Cardiac arrest. Blue Lake Twp Firefighters and Frederick EMS doing CPR were able to regain pt pulses, and  transport to emergency room. Great job by both Frederick EMS and Blue Lake Twp Firefighters.


 New equipment to the Department in April

Blue Lake Fire Department has added 3 new portable radios to the department. All 3 radios have been programmed and are in service to operate at any and all emergency calls. 

Blue Lake Twp Fire Academy will begin this month and run through Feb 2021. Once the Academy is completed 6 Blue Lake Twp personnel will take the State Firefighter I &II testing to become certified Firefighters.

The Blue Lake Twp Fire Department is a paid on call Department. Our Firefighters are paid by the hour for calls they respond to, and all training is paid. Firefighters respond to the station when an emergency call is dispatched. 

Blue Lake Township Fire Department is HIRING Paid on call FF

If you are interested in learning more about the Blue Lake Twp. Fire Department our seeing how you can assist your community contact Fire Chief Greg Brierley (734-216-9137) or email bluelakefirechief@att.net

A five year millage of 1.0 mill that passed by the voters on August 3, 2016 maintains the Fire Departments Budget. This millage is active through the 2021 tax year. The Fire Department uses these fund for operational and equipment needs.

Members of the Fire Department:

  • Greg Brierley, Chief, EMT, Firefighter I & II, Haz Mat Tech.
  • Randy Dickens, Assistant Chief, EMT, Firefighter I & II
  • Bob Barr, Captain, EMT, Firefighter I & II
  • Jeff Lavender, Lieutenant, MFR, Firefighter I & II
  • Kerry Boyer, EMT, Firefighter I & II, IC
  • Cody Brierley, EMT, Firefighter I & II, Haz Mat
  • Mary Shaw, MFR, Firefighter I
  • Larry Shoemaker, MFR, Firefighter I & II
  • Jack Walls, Engineer/FF
  • Todd Brozoich Probationary FF
  • Pam Clark, FF
  • Mike Clark, MFR, FF
  • Dean McClenaghan, EMR/FF
  • Kevin Ivkovich, Probationary FF
  • Samantha Hill, Probationary FF