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The Clerk has custody of all records, books and papers of the township. The Clerk is required to keep and maintain separate accounts of each of the several funds belonging to the Township, and is responsible for the detailed accounting records for the township. The Clerk is responsible for all monies paid out and must keep a record of all vouchers including date, amount and payment record.

The Clerk is in charge of all elections conducted within the township and is chairperson of the election commission. He/She is also in charge of voter registration and must keep appropriate voter registration records. The Clerk serves a term of four years and is elected by the voters of the Township.

The current Clerk of Blue Lake Township is:

Tracy Nichol

(231) 587-8354 Office
(231) 587-9644 Home

Office Hours:
Tuesday 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Either the Clerk or Deputy Clerk will be available