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Township Hall Rental

The Township Hall is available to any Blue Lake Township resident for parties or get-together’s.  The renter must sign and adhere to all rules in the Township lease agreement.  A fee for renting the Hall is required - however if the Hall is cleaned and left in good condition, the rental fee will be returned.

The renter should contact the Township Clerk (or fill out our online reservation form) at least one week before the event to sign the lease agreement and to receive a key to the Hall.  Please see the rental policy, agreement and form at the right. You may also contact any board member for rules and fees that may apply.

Non - Residents may also rent the Hall for events that benefit our residents (Education, Community Services, and Governmental Activities, etc).  The same rules apply however, this requires Township Board action. Contact any board member at least one month before the event.

 New Generator at Township Hall

Blue Lake Township has purchased and installed a 20KW generator at the Township Hall.  This Generator will automatically provide electrical power to the Hall whenever power is lost from the utility company.  A shower was installed when we did the remodeling several years ago.  Now if your power is lost you can have a place to come and get warmed up, get water, or even take a shower.  Even though the Hall has not been designated an official emergency shelter we encourage our residents to use the Township Hall in times of need. Please see our contacts page to get in touch with one of the board members to gain access.