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The Kalkaska County Sheriff provides a deputy part time under a contract with Blue Lake Township.  This Community Officer patrols the roads, answers complaints, investigates crimes and in general is our contact with the Sheriff Department.

Ben Hawkins was appointed by the Sheriff in October 2019  as our Community Officer.  Ben has been a member of the Kalkaska Sheriff department for many years as the traffic officer.  He will now provide regular road patrol within the Township.  When you see Ben please welcome him into the Township. While Deputy Hawkins is on medical leave, Deputy Ashley VanSloten has stepped into the position.

In 2015 the sheriff department reported on a total of 125 incidents within the Township a slight increase from the year before (118).  These incidents range from general assistance calls, various types of accidents, animal at large incidents and others.  Deputy Peacock works a variety of shifts and you can never predict when he will be in the Township.  For any emergency always call 911.  In an emergency other Sheriff’s Department Officers may respond.

Sheriff Department: (231) 258-8686

Web: kalkaskasheriff.net 

As always, in an emergency, please dial 911.